Your Baggage (in detailed explanation)

Carry-ons/ Hand carry/ Cabin Baggage or how ever else you wanna call them

Carry-ons are always the reasons for arguments at the check in counters. Some people often think that the rules of another airline can be applicable to the new airline they are going to travel with on that specific date. Some people think that when they tell their ground staff at the counters “Well that’s the rule of the other airline I always travel with for years!” they would let her do as she wish. You know those “stupid” excuses makes your ground staff tick (in a bad way). At the back of their minds they are probably thinking “Then why didn’t you book your flight with them?!” Which is true! They have a point there. If you are so hung up with the rules and regulations and services of that said airline, then why don’t you get your things and go to that airline and fly with them! There is a reason why there is a rules and regulations agreement that you read (most of the time you ignore) when booking your flight! Here are some rules with regards to cabin baggage, and please read carefully, because these are for your safety onboard. Well not only you, but everyone aboard the aircraft!

Cabin Baggage Rules (and don’t try to bend them!)

Most airline companies have a baggage allowance of 7kgs plus a personal bag/ coat/ jacket/ laptop/ electronic devices such as cameras etc. / and stuffed toys (the really huge ones).

Now, what does this mean? Well, I think it pretty much is easy to understand. A cabin baggage that does not exceed 7kg and a personal bag. That is not hard isn’t it? Normally, this means you are allowed to carry two bags. Not three, not four, not five but TWO! Some passengers think that a paper bag, and any other things they bring into the cabin DOESN’t count as a carry on, but think about it really carefully, if they don’t count as a carry on then what are they?! Remember: ANYTHING YOU CARRY INTO THE CABIN IS A CARRY-ON. So don’t give your ground staff the answer that you don’t have a carry-on whereas you are carrying a personal bag.

Why 7kgs only?

Now, you might be asking WHY there is a rule and a weight limit for a hand carry, and why does your ground staff ask you to repack your 10kg cabin baggage whereas there is two of you travelling together? The reason is simple and pretty much understandable by everyone. The reason is FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY ON-BOARD. 

So let’s put it this way, imagine you are travelling with a 10kgs cabin baggage and there is a strong turbulence. Somehow the overhead compartment bin opened by itself for whatever reasons, your 10kg cabin baggage started to fall from the overhead bin; SCENE 1: The flight attendant notices the baggage falling and catches it with her arm/hand. The baggage is too heavy. She struggles to put it back up the overhead bin, she locks it again inside. She then noticed that she fractured/ sprained/ broke her arm all because your baggage is too heavy.  SCENE 2: The flight attendant didn’t notice the bag falling, in fact no one noticed. The bag falls and hits the person sitting across the aisle from you. It hits that person in the head. The person could be knocked unconscious because a 10kg bag hit her head. Or if it hit her arm or any part of her body, injuries could occur in an instant.

Given these situations, I am pretty sure that you get the whole idea of why your cabin baggage should not be exceeding the 7kg limit. Also, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE THE CARRY ON BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE TRAVELLING WITH SOMEONE ELSE! THE REASONS AND EXPLANATIONS ARE CLEAR.

Another important reason is, THE AIRCRAFT. The over head compartment can only hold a certain weight and if it exceeds that, there is a chance that it could fall and hit everyone in the head with their baggage. Imagine a full flight and everyone is carrying more than they should. The compartment falls, everyone is either in a critical condition and is hurt in multiple ways possible. Sounds morbid but that is the reality that we have to accept.

Other airlines only allows two pieces of carry on for a total of 7kg, other airlines, specially those airlines that has big aircraft allows any size and any weight as a carry on.

Don’t you ever argue with a ground staff telling you to repack your hand carry and saying to her “WELL THAT’S THE AIRCRAFTS FAULT THAT THEY CAN’T ACCOMMODATE SUCH HEAVY BAGS AS HAND CARRY!” If you say that to your ground staff, please make sure that you never travel unless you have your common sense and manners with you packed at all times first. Aircrafts also has limits, like your ground staff. -_-

What can’t I bring?

You can bring anything with you as long as it doesn’t violate any rules with regards to safety.

You cannot bring any sharp objects, and liquids no more than 100ml (even those containers that used to contain 120ml but is now less than 100ml is not allowed), umbrellas, and canes or anything that would not fit in the security length of 60cm.

Some airlines doesn’t allow you to hand carry things in boxes, like one box of cup noodles, umbrellas, and canes are only allowed onboard if the person carrying the cane needs the said item to walk inside the cabin, HELMETS are not allowed on board. Why would you need a helmet onboard? I wonder if they will use it inside the cabin.

Remember at all times, follow and read airline rules first before travelling. Do not bring too much stuff that you can’t carry and that will exceed in your allowed baggage limit in cabin and checked in. Lastly, do not argue with your ground staff because they are implementing those rules and will not bend them just because you said so. These rules are implemented for the people’s safety in the aircraft, if you are going to take any responsibility with whatever that may happen during the flight that violates the people’s safety aboard, then go ahead. But as long as you are not willing to do so, follow the rules, and always pack your manners with you.




Ground Crew | Japanese-Filipina

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