Checking in the airport

When giving your passport to your ground staff

You may not realize it but, apparently your ground staff assesses your manners the moment you hand your passport and your itinerary to them.

When you just throw it at their counters, they will have this impression that you are a douche bag, or something like that. So make sure that when you approach your ground staff’s counter after the long que, be nice to them. I’m pretty sure that you are tired for lining up there for a long time, but I can assure you that they are more tired than you think. Some of them wakes up at 4:00 in the morning just to get to work and to make it on time for YOUR morning flight. They have to look presentable despite the hard shifts they had last night, delayed or not. They also have to prepare for the arriving flight’s special handling and for the departing flight’s specials. Ground staffs get happy when they see low bookings in their monitors, because that means that they have less people to deal with. Don’t ever think that when they don’t do something like you expect them to do, they are just being meanies. They follow a strict rule that when they break it, they will either get yelled at by their superiors or write an incident report over and over again until they perfect it.

The main point here is, be nice to them, even when just handing them your passports. Because you might end up in a non reclining middle seat in the middle row for your nine hour flight.

Over baggage and fragile items

Ah, the one topic that people have a lot of trouble complying to… THE OVER BAGGAGE!!!

Let me just give you a quick run through this, certain airlines have a set baggage allowance for their passengers. Some airlines that travel to certain parts of the globe follow a baggage scheme that allows you to bring two pieces of baggage allowance for a certain weight with a certain weight hand carry and with a certain size a well. For others, they give you only one baggage with a certain weight and a hand carry. But for some low cost carriers or LCC as they call it, you get to choose to your advantage a certain weight that you want to purchase online, and you can bring any number of bags you want to the counters just as long as you don’t exceed your baggage allowance. And for LCC’s when they say that you have to have a 7KG hand carry baggage, you HAVE TO HAVE A 7KG hand carry baggage. no ifs ands or buts.

Now, when before you approach your ground staff’s counter, make sure you don’t exceed your baggage allowance, and that you have a purchased baggage allowance in your booking. Also, make sure that you packed your bags properly. And by properly I mean, nothing will break inside, because honestly, your FRAGILE TAGS won’t do anything to protect your baggage. Make sure to use bubble wraps in your sake and your wines, and please understand that SNACKS, HELMETS, YOGA MATS, and FRUITS are NOT A FRAGILE ITEM! Why not? Here is why; SNACKS are packed with air in their bags to prevent them from being crushed, now if you are avoiding those airs to save more space in your bags, remember that when you pack those snacks together and make them intact, they will NEVER BREAK. Trust me I have done this all my life while travelling to and from Japan. HELMETS, are not fragile because, duh… If helmets are fragile, then why are they called helmets then? Aren’t they supposed to protect your head in an event of an accident? If they are fragile, then aren’t they eligible to be a protective gear? Think about it. THEY ARE MADE FROM CEMENT in the inside for f’s sake! YOGA MATS.. Yeah, someone actually asked me to slap a fragile tag on a yoga mat. Please tell me, WHAT PART OF A YOGA MATT WOULD BREAK?!!!! FRUITS, well, like snacks, they are packed properly enough to be shipped, and they are not considered a breakable item. If you don’t want them crushed, then put them in your carry on, or don’t bring them at all as some countries don’t allow fresh fruits in. So people, PACK PROPERLY!

Also, if you ask to slap a fragile tag on your bag coz your bag is EXPENSIVE, then don’t travel with it at all. The baggage management/ sorting people won’t even care a bit if your bag is expensive. The more expensive they are the more sturdy they should be. Remember, you are liable for your baggage, not every airline.

Your check in bags should not exceed your allowance, and if they do please people… DON’T HAGGLE with your ground staff. It is the airport, not a bazaar. The more you haggle with them, the more hard time they will give you repacking your stuff and they might be really detailed when it comes to you hitting the exact weight, wether or not you are 0.1 kg exceeding you baggage weight allowance. Remember be nice. BE NICE and they will be nice back. 

Hand carry / carry on 

Some airlines allow their passengers to carry atleast 7kg of carry on bag and a personal bag, some airlines allow a total of 7kg for two carry on bags only, some airlines allow any size and any weight of hand carry, some doesn’t allow you to bring a box of cup noodles in the aircraft or any box for that matter. The point is, not all airlines are the same, and that you need to comply to airline rules and regulations. If you are not willing to comply to their rules then don’t fly with them at all. Remember that thingy you click and agree on when you make your booking? You read that properly please, coz that thingy explains every rules the airline has, if you click agree then you SHOULD comply to it. Easy right?

A hand carry is anything that you carry aboard the plane. And by anything I mean ANYTHING. That’s why it is called a cabin baggage, coz you carry it in the cabin. Don’t ever tell your ground staff that you have NO carry on baggage whereas you have a personal bag. Seriously, you would give them the wrong impression, and they would triple check you if you bring more before you board. Be careful. So make sure that when you go travel, you know how many pieces you are carrying on board, and read their policies please!

Extra things to ponder

When you are at the airport, don’t ever think that you own the world and be snobby just because you are of a certain race and of a certain nationality and of a certain social status and travels all over the place. What you think is not always right, and those people that deals with you at the airport are trained for the things that they do everyday, that is why it’s their job. They are not there telling you something that you should not be doing if they don’t know enough about it. Certain rules may seem unreasonable, but they are there for a reason. Keep in mind that you are not the only passenger on board, and that we need to take care for the needs and safety of the others you are traveling with. Make sure to pack your manners with you, don’t treat your ground staff as if they don’t matter, because when something happens to your flight wether it be technical or natural problems they will have to deal with it just make you reach your destination.

The most important thing is to pack your manners with you at all times.




Ground Crew | Japanese-Filipina

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